You're looking for an engineer

We're looking for healthy relationships

At M. Lawrence Engineering, we’re here for you and want you to succeed. We work hard, have fun, and make good choices. We’re proud of a job well done.  

Not only do we provide professional engineering services in the field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building services, we build healthy relationships.

Our Markets


When you're not at home, you're out in the real world and typically means your in a building somewhere. Working at the office? Bargain hunting at the mall? Working out at the gym? Drinking beer at the pub? Well, we've been there too. We have what it takes to make quick and effective decisions to make your everyday built environment a happier and healthier place!

Multi Unit Residential

"I recommend walking around naked in your living room" once said a famous Canadian musician. Well, we're there to help. Performance and energy efficiency is what's needed to make this a practical situation! We keep a keen eye however on capital cost in large multi-unit residential apartment projects, because no-one wants an over-designed building.


It's the attention to detail which makes our projects successful in the specialized areas like universities, healthcare facilities, libraries and other public buildings. Engineers' Code of Ethics holds paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, and that's where we don't joke around.